Matte black mug with gray stripe and white lip and interior

Living Beyond the Label Mugs

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My journey with deafblindness has given me a label. A label that limits what some people think I am capable of, which we know is not true. This is why I created the Living Beyond the Label mugs.

Labels are black and white. With vision you will notice the basic appearance of the mug. But when you close your eyes, dig deeper, and experience the feeling of the mug, you will learn so much more about it besides label color. When you hold the mug, you will feel the three rings that represent joy, perseverance, and character. When you sip out of it, you feel the contrast of the matte outside and glossy rim and inside. All of these elements prove its potential and enhances what you experience visually. I want these mugs to encourage you to live beyond what ever label you are facing, every time you take a sip out of it.

Choose your size between 10-14 oz. or 16-18 oz.

Mugs are microwave safe and dishwasher safe. (be careful when microwaving as mug gets hot)

Free shipping within the US! And now International shipping is available.

Note: Due to the hand building of DeafBlind Potter pieces, what you see in the picture may or may not be the exact shape but will be the similar colors and tactile feel. We call it the DeafBlind experience. Minor flaws are possible due to the hand-built nature but will not affect the usability or food safe nature of the mug.