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Discover the extraordinary mugs by the DeafBlind Potter. Each mug, including the DeafBlind Potter, Living Beyond the Label, and Overcomer mugs, bears three rings that embody profound inspiration.

  1. The first ring signifies choosing joy—awakening to the possibility of a joyful day, transcending sorrows.
  2. The second ring represents unwavering perseverance, empowering us to overcome challenges as we embrace joy.
  3. The third ring symbolizes the triumph of character, inspiring hope and resilience by conquering daily obstacles.

These mugs are not mere ceramics; they are catalysts for personal growth and reminders of our indomitable spirit. Embrace joy, persevere, and overcome—experience the transformative power within you.

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  • Ocean Depths Tumbler
    The outside of the tumbler has a royal blue glaze with a white glazed inside.
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