Matte black football with white laces

Marcus Leal's Storytime Piece

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Black matte glazed football with white laces.

Size: 8" H X 4" W

Each month, a new story and creation of a unique representative pottery piece is posted on YouTube under DeafBlind Potter. These pieces are created from true stories of people who persevered through their challenges to live a life filled with hope. Hopefully, you will see a piece that speaks to you, and it can remind you of your own story of perseverance.   

Each piece is handmade by the DeafBlind Potter and cannot be duplicated. Each piece is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Note: Due to the hand building of DeafBlind Potter pieces, what you see in the picture may or may not be the exact shape but will be the exact colors and similar tactile feel. We call it the DeafBlind experience. Minor flaws are possible due to the hand-built nature but will not affect the usability or food safe nature of the piece.