Large and Small Red, white, and black striped See Me Cane Tumblers

PREORDER See Me Cane Small and Large Tumblers

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Preorder your See Me Cane Tumbler today and help the blind be seen!

80% of the proceeds from these tumblers go directly to manufacturing the See Me Cane.

All DeafBlind Potter pieces come with the signature 3 rings, which stand for joy, perseverance and character—providing you hope in all your challenges. 

Each tumbler will have the See Me Cane colors: red, black and white. (each one will be unique due to the glazing and firing process)

There are two different sizes- small (8-10 oz) and large (12-16 oz)

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Can take up to 2 months to be delivered.